How do I know the best coating solution for my application?

With your assistance & our knowledge, our technical team can recommend the best coating solution to suit your needs based on your application requirement, performance needs, contact media, operating temperature. Feel free to e-mail specific questions (sales@tecosy.in) or call us on +91 98795 04425,+91 98240 14470 or +91-079-2583 3040 to discuss your needs.

Will your sales & technical team be familiar with our application?

With 30+ years of existence, we are confident that our technical team will be familiar with most of the industry applications.

What will be the life on coating?

Our coatings are engineered product and chemistry is set to provide long lasting performance. Just take care in handling and mechanical impact

What will be the thickness of your coating?

Coating thicknesses would vary depending on the application, selected coating material, applying techniques and expected performance. We can offer coating thickness from 15 microns – 1000+ microns in various engineered polymers. Please feel free to discuss with us about your application and end use to determine the appropriate thickness of coating.

Can TECOSY™ sign NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT with our company for our specific application ?

Yes !!! We are ready for such NDA to built long-term partnership with our customers for innovative application. Through this NDA customer also enjoys the privilege in market. We welcome the opportunity to engineer a proprietary coating solution for your specific use application, component, or device.